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About us

Distillery Trivulesk – Leskovac

Distillery Trivulesk d.o.o. Leskovac was founded in May 2015 and is engaged in the production of natural fruit brandy. The annual capacity of the distillery is 50,000 bottles, of which the dominant role is the pear brandy of Williams pear. Due to the high demand of Trivun’s brandy, as well as the extraordinary interest of the Russian Chamber of Commerce, which has already been contracted, it plans to increase the capacity of the distillery to 100,000 bottles a year and to build a new production facility.

The production program consists of 9 types of brandy with 34 products: vilayamovka, apricot, dunjevac, plum, cider, grapevine, fruit, honey and special grasshopper, which are packed in bottles of 0.05l, 0.187l, 0.7l, 0.75 and 5 liters. In particular, bottles are in the form of trucks, engines, accordions and trumpets, which are the work of Italian designers. The trademark of the distillery is the “Williams Fruit”, an exclusive bottle in which the mature fruits of the pear is found.

Since the establishment of 2015 until today, Trivun’s brandy has been found on the market of entire southern Serbia, big cities like Niš and Kragujevac, as well as in the market of the city of Belgrade. Trivulesk has already confirmed the quality of its distillery products at fairs across the country.

We would like to mention that we are represented in the most elite hotels, hotels and large retail chains in Serbia, and some of them are Restaurant Franš, Restaurant Kalemegdanska Terasa, Restaurant Madera, Restaurant Majdan, Restaurant Skadarlijska Night, Klub književnika, Hotel Crowne Plaza, Hotel Holiday inn, Hotel Majestic, Hotel Hilton Belgrade, Cash & Carry chains, Metro, Lamela etc.

In particular, it should be noted that the Distillery Trivulesk Leskovac is a triple, consecutive, absolute champion of the Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad for top quality brandy.

Among the other awards and prizes should be distinguished: the champion of the festival at the second Brcko Brandy festival, the winner of the Gledićka rakijada, the transitional champion of the Šumadija kapljica festival in Gornja Trepca, the winner of the Oplenacka vintage in Topola, the absolute champion of the Fifth International Plum and Fruit Festival in Ugljevik, Republic Serbian and absolute Champion of the Vrnjacka Spa, etc.

Distillery Trivulesk

Prizes and awards

In the previous period, our distillery has won the following awards for quality at international and national competitions in the country and abroad:
Quality Champion Cups
Big Gold Medals
Gold Medals
Silver Medals