At the 83th International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad held from 14th to 20th May 2016, the Trivulesk Distillery Ltd. Leskovac won:


1. Cup of Absolute Champion of Quality
2. Cup for Good Design


  1. Williams brandy- Big gold medal
  2. Quince brandy– Big gold medal
  3. Old plum brandy – Big gold medal
  4. Apricot brandy– Big gold medal
  5. Apple brandy– Big gold medal
  6. Grape brandy– Big gold medal
  7. Herbal brandy– Big gold medal, Gold medal
  8. Plum brandy – Gold medal
  9. Fruit brandy – Gold medal


  1. Quince brandy- Champion of the quality
  2. Apricot brandy– Champion of the quality
  3. Plum brandy– Champion of the quality
  4. Apple brandy– Champion of the quality
  5. Grape brandy– Champion of the quality
  6. Herbal brandy– Champion of the quality

Diploma with great Champion trophy for the highest quality

Champion of the quality diplomas:

  1. Apple brandy
  2. Quince brandy
  3. Apricot brandy
  4. Old plum brandy,
  5. Grape brandy
  6. Herbal brandy

Diplomas with big gold medal:

  1. Williams brandy
  2. Quince brandy

Diplomas with gold medal:

  1. Plum brandy
  2. Fruit brandy