At the Oplenac harvest fest held in Topola from 5th to 7th October 2016 , Trivulesk Distillery Ltd. Leskovac won:


  1. Cup for the best plum brandy
  2. Cup for the best grape brandy
  3. Cup for the best herbal brandy


  1. Williams brandy- Big gold medal
  2. Quince brandy – Big gold medal
  3. Quince old brandy – Big gold medal
  4. Plum white brandy – Big gold medal
  5. Apple brandy – Big gold medal
  6. Fruit brandy– Gold medal

Diplomas with gold medals

  1. Williams brandy
  2. Quince old brand
  3. Quince white brand
  4. Plum old brandy
  5. Plum brandy
  6. Apple brandy type calvados
  7. Grape brandy
  8. Fruit brandy
  9. Herbal brandy